CHICHA Restaurant Review

My romantic lover decided to spice things up Latino style and whisk me off to Chicha, the new Peruvian restaurant on East Broadway. In Spanish, the word chica has many meanings, such as; meat, bad temper, and a person’s flesh. It’s also a strong alcoholic drink in Peru, made from fermented maiz . I wasn’t sure what the evening had in store, except that my intestines were hungrily rumbling for some meaty plates to quiet the ruckus of temper roaring in my stomach.


The streets of West Broadway mellowed in the quietness of Thursday evening as we walked hand in hand to the entrance of Chicha. As soon as we opened the doors- boooooooooom- everything dramatically changed. It was as if we dropped into another dimension; as the vibrant bustle of clanking dishes, clicking humans, and chaotic charisma, swept us into this new realm. The server’s smiles and welcoming gestures, enticed us further as we stepped into the world of culinary possibilities.

And there, within the flux; we stumbled upon two incredible women, Gladys and Alla.

Gladys reminds me of a black panther. She has a luxurious personality which purrs with class, as her heavy, black hair spawns down her back.  She wore a tight, bright, mini skirt which hugged her muscular things, and accented her perfect, dark skin. Meow. Work it mama!

And then there is Alla, a Russian Princess who was battled and bruised from fighting her way through the Tough Mudder. Her waft of wheat blonde hair, and  freshly chopped bangs made her brown eyes pop. Her nose piercing sparkled against the creamy goodness of her lavish skin, as she said something witty, which made us laugh and remember why she is so awesome.

(Side note: P.S. boys, these fine felines are single…and ready to mingle!) 

How absolutely fabulous that this originally romantic evening morphed into an eclectic meeting of interconnected energies, which crisscrossed, zig-zagged and connected even deeper within the clattering crowd, and authentic small plates of Chicha.

Speaking of plates, let’s dive into the food.

Ooops! Before we do, the very dynamic Poppi suddenly appeared from the sidelines of the narrow venue. After giving us each an affectionate kiss, he settled and collected amongst our expanding colony. Poppi is an exceptional acupuncturist, and was coincidently in the area in between work and house calls.

The cuisine. 

We started the evening off with Cebiche and Causas.


Cebiche mixto

Peruvians love their cebiche, especially the aftermath of tangy marinade left glistening in the bowl (which is known as tiger’s milk). It’s Latino ritual to drink the marinade like a shot of Pisco, because they know it’s an excellent tonic for fertility, sexual vigour, general health, and one of the best hangover cures. I’m definitely not in the market to make babies, but followed the Latino lead because it’s just so damn refreshing!

Our only complaint was the cebiche wasn’t big enough!

Causas are whipped and chilled potatoes topped with pretty seafood and vegetable decor. We merrily forked up the Cangrejo– crab salad, avocado, and mango on aji amarrillo potatoes; and the Verduras– lima bean, black mint puree, pickled beet coleslaw, chili yam chips on  beetroot potato cylinders.


Causas (Verduras)

Next came the Papas Rellenas (potato croquettes) stuffed with local beef, olives, currants, and dressed salsa criolla, came piping hot right out of the deep frier. Mmmmmmmm!


Papas Rellenas

And then the Empanadas Aji de Gallinas. We all agreed they were some of the best we’ve tasted. The dough was flaky and light, filled with tender stewed chicken, and accompanied with salsa de aji and fresh onions.



Our last savory meals was the the Arroz con Pato (Duck confit perched on a bed of dark beer rice) was spectacular. The combination of crispy skin, dark duck meat, cilantro seasoned rice, and hearty beer broth was enough to bow down to the culinary Gods. Who ever said only the Chinese and French know how to make duck are wrong!


The night finished off with home-made doughnuts (made with pumpkin, sweet potato and flour), paired with whip cream and strawberries. 


Chicha is located on 136 East Broadway. 604 620.3963.

The restaurant is narrow and spots fill up fast, so come early! I’ll definitely be back to be part of the bustle and slurp up some more cebiche tonic (no babies please!), in accompaniment with my new “Peruvian Possy”. Thank you for a very memorable evening my romantic lover, purring black panther, Russian Princess, Dr.Poppi, and of course, Chicha!

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