Afghan Horseman Review–Hip Swivels and Meat Platters

belly dancer

Her wavy black hair snapped across the small of her back as she tossed her head from side to side. The fluid movements continued to ripple down her body, until they snaked to her toes. Her breasts were perched in sequenced bikini cups, exposing her naked belly. A coloured sash, adorned with faux coins, clicked and clacked, as she thrust her hips in figure eights. We locked eyes, and she summoned me into her dance, curling her fingers inward, and motioning me to her. I wanted to, but quivered with shyness. She continued to roll her soft tummy in a continuous wave, and enticed another observer. My bald headed friend rose and teetered right to left mimicking her dance. She swivelled her torso around him, with authority and grace. Then flicked her hips with flirtation, as he tried to insert a folded bill under her sash.

This sensual escapade was the highlight of my 30th Birthday at Afghan Horsemen, a Mediterranean Restaurant in Granville Island. On Saturday nights the restaurant hosts a belly dancer who makes the pheromones rise. We sat cross legged on the floor in the back room, propped between brightly coloured cushions, excited for the show, and our food platters.


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 The Food 

The menu is reasonably priced, and is influenced by Persian, Mongolian, Indian, and Greece food. If you go with a party I’d recommend ordering the platters so you can taste everything. We ordered one Vegetable and two Kebab platters.

It was the perfect amount of food for nine hearty eaters. The menu says one platter serves two people, but the Kebab platter is massive. Order it for two only if you want to gorge and slip into a meat sweating food coma.

The Vegetable platter was really bland, nothing special, and I wouldn’t order it again. In contrast, the Kebab platter was tasty. The meat dishes and batter fried potatoes were definitely the highlights. The chargrilled chicken, beef, and lamb skewers were succulent and tender. The lamb shoulder effortlessly forked off the marrow filled bone, and melted in my mouth. The battered fried potatoes were skillfully deep fried, moist in the middle, crisp and golden on the outside. I was surprised Afghan’s tzatziki sauce was mediocre, since they specialize in Mediterranean food.

The evening at Afghan Horsemen was filled with lots of laughs, love, and awesome people. The venue has a magical vibe, the employees were attentive, and the Kebab platters were delicious. Maybe I’ll be back for my 31st Birthday, but this time swivelling my hips with the sexy, sequenced belly dancer.

Afghan Horsemen are located at 1833 Anderson Street. (604) 873.5923. 

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